wine country glass

Mirror Code 541 & 651

This frame has two widths, a narrow frame (651s) is used on the smallest sized mirror to give better proportion. All larger sizes have the wider frame (541s).

Size range (All sizes are in millimeters, rounded up to the nearest 5mm and at the widest points).
This frame is also readily available in custom sizes.

1325 x 460 (651s)1448
1090 x 785 (541s)2436
1195 x 940 (541s)3040
1395x 785 (541s)2448
1395 x 1090 (541s)3648
1700 x 785 (541s)2460
1700 x 1190 (541s)4060
2005 x 1090 (541s)3672